Guest Reviews 

"There were so many fantastic parts of this trip it is hard to pick out but the main highlight had to be watching Asian Steppe Wildcat kittens amazingly close. This is one of the rarest animals in the world and to see the adorable kittens so close was a real privilege. This was closely followed by the most amazing walk deep in the jungle of Sita Mata and sitting in the sun drinking wine and eating delicious food in a beautiful spot. Couldn't be beaten.
Let the trip hosts have as much information about your expectations and preferences in advance - they will ask you! As they will tailor the trip for you so you can have a completely unique experience. Take extra money (and suitcases!) for buying wonderful gifts and artefacts - the hosts have fantastic local knowledge of the best makers and suppliers of everything from gems to blankets to tea and will let you in on their secrets... expect amazing quality at great prices and something unique you won't find on a stall in Delhi. Take clothes for all temperatures - we went in January and it was hot in the day but freezing at night in Jalore. Comfy walking shoes or trainers with sticky soles would be perfect for the walking safaris as there's lots of rock climbing!
The sites employ local people in places where tourism is rare - having a chance to purchase items from local craftsman also benefits. The campsite at Jalore seemed to be 'light touch' on the environment. One of the hosts runs his own NGO to support local drug using populations.
It was a real pleasure to spend the week with Ravindra, Shanane, Gajendra and Satpal. The accommodations were fantastic, the food wonderful, the beer flowing and the conversation stimulating. Every effort was made to tailor the trip and make us feel as comfortable and welcome as possible. You will be welcomed as friends of your hosts from the first night. Jalore and Sita Mata are way way off the beaten track and the wildlife is superb. Forget about being amongst 50 people staring at one Tiger - be the only person watching an Asian Steppe. This holiday really is superb and fantastic value for money. Genuinely couldn't fault it."

Reviewed by Jenna Singleton
New Castle, U.K.

"Many thanks to Ravi and his team for a wonderful end to our stay in India. This was the last part of our three weeks traveling around the wildlife parks and sanctuaries of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Our stay in the heart of your private reserve jungle was a true highlight for us. The wildlife viewing was outstanding with 15 separate cat sightings, Hyena, Gazelle and a whole insight into a fascinating eco system all possible through to the Zird and Satpals guiding. Ending by moonlight and wondering which animals were moving around us was fantastic. Sadly we had to leave, only to be looked after very well at two wonderful properties, and if ever you need a break from the travel and dust, a stay at the Counts' residence in Dhariyawad is a true pleasure, To say his hospitality is without fault and generous is a real understatement. This is the best place we have ever stayed in nearly 20 years of travel in India. I have suggested an improvement to the Flying Squirrel experience, but this is minor in comparrison to the trip. We wish them all the best in their vision for wildlife conservation in India, the private concession model adds a new dimension to wildlife conservation in India and fills us with hope for the future. We would recommend this trip to wildlife enthusiasts, and also to general travelers in search of a hidden India. We would travel with them again and look forward to the next sanctuaries."

Ed and Clare King

"Jalore Wildlife Sanctuary - It is difficult to pick the most memorable part of our stay at the Jalore Wildlife Sanctuary. The campsite setting is peaceful and set in a beautiful landscape. The safari tours, especially the night tours showed us jungle cats, steppe wildcats, desert foxes and gazelles. Two beautiful moments from the safaris stand out; a large owl flying down off the rocks near the campsite and a leopard slinking down the rocks on the hillside. It was also a priviledge to be taken to the local villages to see local craftsmen at work and to attend a community ceremony. Fort Dhariyawad was also a beautiful place to stay and though we were unable to go deep into the Jungle we did get to see a flying squirrel - another memorable moment.
Make sure you have a good camera with plenty of battery life and memory/film I used a portrait lens and was able to acheive some impressive pictures even on the night safaris - but a longer lens would have been even better.
It is possible to see how much the wildlife reserve has benefited since the tours have been set up - the abundance of wildlife is quite astonishing. Also the local people are being educated about the eco-system and provided with alternative means for getting fire wood.
We had a truly amazing holdiay, we were looked after as if we were royalty by our hosts Gajendra and Ravi and wanted for nothing from the moment we were picked up at Jodhpur airport. We would love to go back and take a longer holdiay to see more and to see our new friends again.
***** I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on.

Philippa Marland, United Kingdom

"Being in the Sita Mata jungle , Udaipur at night, seeing rural India, dinner in Jodhphur, 
shopping for bangles, discussing glazes in Jaipur .......

If you are interested in Rajasthani art and crafts Shanane is an expert and you can learn an enormous amount. The team are very knowledgeable; discuss what you would like to do with them. They will have some great ideas.
Flying to India and driving around is not the most environmentally friendly thing to do. However Shanane and the team at trueluxury tours are involved in community development projects and care about the preservation of old crafts and wildlife. They are experts in a number of fields to do with crafts and art and are passionate about it. We did a bit of travel on the train and the team were happy to organise that for us.
The holiday was excelllent. Shanane, Suraj and Ravi Chowdhary could not have done more to ensure that we were enjoying ourselves. We felt amongst friends. They were all flexible and willing to change and adapt things at a moments notice. We had to cancel and rebook at a few days notice - th eteam were really good about reorganising everything and keeping the cost down.
**** Some wonderful memories, I would not hesitate to recommend it to a friend.

Julius Weinberg, United Kingdom

"Seeing all three cat species that live safely in the sanctuary was amazing (they were the reason for me wanting to go there). Jungle cat from up 15 m! The rare Asian Steppe Wildcat from a somewhat greater distance and finally the Leopard from up close (about 12 m or so) resting on its favourite rock in the stillness and darkness of the evening! What a sight it was! But of course seeing so many other species and animal tracks as well, like a baby Zird sitting in the bushes and a beautiful little Hedgehog, they were very close, just a meter or so.
Go for as many days you can and do many night safaries. Not one evening is the same! Take 
binoculars with you; it enhances yours expierence for sure. Listen to the sounds - by just listening you hear so many new and interesting sounds.
Local people are involved in many different ways. From people working on the 
campsite to the people who track the animals; they are involved and very much appreciated. I was 
impressed by their hospitality and the way they made me feel welcome. Also, with the wonderful 
accomodations; they are build with local stone blocks and other natural materials available and 
instead of using electricity or oil lamps for lighting; energy saving LED-lights units are at hand and 
they are powered by rechargable batteries so they last almost forever because theay are so efficient. 
You could carry them with you and have light at hand and most importantly; these lights do not 
disturbe the animals at all.
I have had the most wonderfull time. ***** I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on."

Yvonne Rijsdijk, Nertherlands

"The highlight of my trip was the Jalore Wildlife Sanctuary. I was welcome by the owners of the land and taken around on night safaris by the son Ravindra. Who would have thought that I could get all excited about a tiny little mammal called a Night Jar that looks quite ordinary, but is so rare that there are hardly any left on the planet and encountering a jungle cat right behind the camp by daylight was also quite an experience. But the most exciting event for me was to see the famous Asian Steppe Wildcat of which there are only pocket populations left that are genetically pure samples remaining in the world! I just loved being at Jalore: it is quiet, peaceful and a great rest in the middle of a fascinating, but hectic 4 weeks tour of Rajasthan. I also stayed 3 nights at Dhariyawad residency to see the flying squirrel of the Sita Mara park. But there is no comparison as far as I am concerned. Had I known, I would have skipped this destination and spent a lot more time at Jalore. Of course the accommodation is much more elaborate than in Jalore, but there is nothing to see in terms of fauna. Nothing to write home about. In Jalore you are a friend, in Dhariyawad an anonymous tourist.
Bring strong binoculars and a book on local fauna with you. Plan more than 2 nights if you can, especially if you are interested in watching birds and mammals.
Besides what is done on Jalore's campside to minimize environment impact (no electricity, water saving, teaching locals on new behaviors, etc.) the guests that stay at Jalore's sanctuary are directly confronted to the problems linked to saving the land, its vegetation and inhabitants and thus more awareness is brought to general public. Also guests often make donations for the local school, planting trees, or other purposes.
true Luxury Tours are the best agency I ever encountered and I have been traveling all over the world for more than 40 years! They have great concern for details relating to your comfort, for showing you true India and not the postcard one. Each hotel was carefully chosen by them, every room checked personally beforehand. Also, the most interesting part as far as I was concerned, was that through Shanane Davis' knowledge of local history, craftsmanship and renowned artists, I got a much better understanding of local arts and was able to meet some rare artists who still practice their art as it was done in their family 400 years ago. This was ....true luxury.....!"

Viveca C. Ott, Switzerland

"Thank you for the fantastic holiday it was truly amazing, we had such a good time. We are now back in cold and raining England and missing India. Our very best regards to Ravi and Suraj who we see as friends more than guides, they were so good to us and we had some good laughs. I hope we were not to much of a chore for them. The night with Gajendra and family was so special and so unexpected, we thought we were just going for a drink and then on to a concert. It was such a lovely surprise and we will be writing a special thank you to them. We enjoyed every minute of the holiday and loved India and its people everywhere is so alive. We will forward pictures when we have sorted them out until then all we can say is thank you, thank you, thank you."

Dave and Helen Maggs , United Kingdom