Eco Policy of True Luxury Tours 


We believe:

"Sustainable Tourism" is to have minimal impact by travellers, tour operators, or hotel owners on an areas culture, wildlife or eco-system.

"Sustainable Tourism" is to benefit the local culture, its economy, its artists/artisans, and way of life without making locals dependent on tourism.

"Sustainable Tourism" is a cross cultural or ambassadorial exchanges between a traveller and their culture and the local and his/her culture.

"Sustainable Tourism" protects eco-systems and cultures by following eco-friendly practices.

"Sustainable Tourism" is to broaden a travellerís awareness and perspective on anotherís culture, wildlife, and eco-systems and to make that traveller want to protect indigenous cultures and areas.

"Sustainable Tourism" is for only small groups of travellers at a time to enter and experience an area so that it does not get strained by too many travellers at once.