True Luxury Tours Through Rajasthan

true luxury is...

...finding your favorite drink waiting for you in your room

...getting a waiter who already knows that you eat vegetarian food

...meeting true artisans who love their work and will share their passions with you

...being hosted by the owner of the only private wildlife sanctuary in India

...being introduced to a private art collection by its owner

...actively participating in the conservation of a wildlife sanctuary

...walking deep into the jungle with your own naturalist spotting wildlife

...being taught Rajasthan fine arts by an art historian and author

...taking the oldest operating train in the world to a Maharaja's palace

These examples and far more are possible; we believe luxury is the ability and knowledge to provide unmatched activities, services and pampering to our clients, at an affordable price, while you discover the subjects and places that most excite you.


Many agencies offer luxury tours. All it needs is to choose 5 star hotels, drive you around in a comfortable air-conditioned car with a guide who speaks fair English and sell you the whole package for an exorbitant price.
We are an old Rajput family and we believe that luxury is not a matter of price but of true personal care and exceptional services. We founded True Luxury Tours in 2005 because we felt there was a need for a truly different way of traveling. Our Luxury, eco-friendly holidays and tours are for off the beaten track areas and places in Rajasthan. They are all tailor-made for you, because you have your own expectations, wishes, tastes and budget. We only take small groups of 1-6 people at a time. The possibilities on your tour are endless and up to you...

Specific benefits to the community, on each destination we bring clients to areas that receive no travellers and are economically down and previously had few job options for locals who are now working with us.

We have in most of the destinations unique artisans that make handmade and dieing endangered fine and decorative arts and processes that we personally patronize and finance for their survival. We are heavily involved in the preservation of the Rajasthan fine arts and their artisans. By introducing clients to these individual artisans and their media, in these off the beaten track areas, we hope awareness will come of the importance of these arts, their processes, and they and their families would benefit with the possibility of more patrons and awareness.


We at True Luxury Tours will offer you that same special and personal touch we would like to find when we ourselves travel around the world.

With True Luxury Tours you are not just a client you are our personal guest and when you leave us we may miss a new friend.

Please click and fill out the Tailor-Made Tours form to find out what we could arrange for you based on your specific wishes and budget.